The Titans!

Welcome to the homepage of the Titans where you can find info about us.

About Us

Welcome to the Titans! A fun, yet serious back to back war clan. Fair play only, zero tolerance. No drama. If in war, use both attacks in war. If you have questions or are new, ask a co. Go Titans! visit us at;

Clan Rules

  1. Be a kind person to all.
  2. Drop 3-5 below your rank for war attacks.
  3. Don't ask for max troops outside of war.
  4. Maintain a decent donation ratio, around 1:1.
  5. Don't ask for elder or co. We don't get caught up on ranks here. Those who truly deserve it are prompted, but promotions come with time, lots and lots of time.

Clan Stats

Required Trophies
War Wins
Clan Level
Clan Points